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Your Secure Shell access management problems were not born overnight - they have been growing for years. In most enterprises there are many more authorized SSH keys than there are employees — many, many more. These keys grant access to critical systems.

Find out who has access to what, map trust relationships, and uncover obsolete keys for removal.


SSH logins for remote systems administration and secure automated M2M functions are essential to the daily operation of your business. The SSH protocol enables daily backups, system administration, and automated secure file transfers.

Universal SSH Key Manager gives you visibility into when and where Secure Shell authorizations are taking place in your data center.

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Leverage visibility to take corrective actions. Bring operations into compliance with your identity and access management policies. Universal SSH Key Manager is a centralized management system for adding, removing, and rotating Secure Shell identities and keys. It gives you central control over Secure Shell software configurations — to ensure that this powerful protocol is used correctly within your environment.

Download the White Paper: Risk, Compliance and Cost Implications of Unmanaged Secure Shell


Universal SSH Key Manager keeps your data center secure and compliant. Universal SSH Key Manager enables efficient and accurate onboarding and offboarding of privileged users, contractors, and M2M authorizations. Centralized key management and reporting save time and money. Control and reporting allow to meeting the requirements of compliance audits.

Download the White Paper: SSH User Key Remediation


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  • Non–intrusive agentless, agent, and hybrid deployment models for easy and quick discovery
  • Scalable architecture to meet the needs of the most challenging on–premise and cloud environments
  • Comprehensive platform support across Windows, Unix, Linux and Mainframe
  • Support for multiple variants of SSH including OpenSSH, Tectia SSH, Centrify, Quest, Attachmate, Bitvise, etc…
  • Policy–based controls for ease of visibility, provisioning, de–provisioning, remediation, and full key lifecycle automation
  • Centralized configuration management for access lockdown and control
  • REST API for ease of integration into your existing identity access management infrastructure
  • User portal for application owner identity management enablement and simple 3rd party access provisioning


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