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Secure Shell for the Enterprise

From the Inventors of Secure Shell:
A Unified Client/Server Platform to Simplify Your Secure Shell Environment

Tectia SSH Client/Server Family

Enterprises and government organizations around the world use Tectia SSH Client/Server to secure their most critical IT processes including ad hoc and automated file transfers as well as remote systems administration. Tectia SSH offers the features, reliability and manageability that are simply not available with open source solutions. Gain the assurance of deploying mature, commercial software backed by the support of the world’s experts in Secure Shell technology. Download & Evaluate Tectia SSH

Tectia SSH Client/Server Family


ConnectSecure is an advanced Tectia SSH Client that makes automation easy. ConnectSecure is ideal for adding encryption to existing automated file transfer processes and makes it easy for your application developers to use encryption. ConnectSecure is fully interoperable with open source Secure Shell and other standards compliant implementations – so no worries about connecting with business partners or within a heterogenous network. Download & Evaluate ConnectSecure


Tectia SSH for IBM Mainframes

Mainframes are at the core of many high transaction, big data environments. Unfortunately, many of the legacy mainframe applications that drive these large scale computing environments still use clear text FTP to move confidential data. Tectia SSH for Mainframe transparently adds encryption without updating legacy applications, batch processes or JCL. Insurance Giants Choose SSH Communications Security for IBM Mainframe Security Download the Case Study

Tectia SSH for IBM Mainframes

SSH Communications Security 2015 - The Guardians of the Mainframe Legacy | New SSH Blog Post

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