In 1995, the company’s founder, Tatu Ylönen, invented the Secure Shell protocol, which soon became the gold standard for data-in-transit security. Today Secure Shell is one of the most widely used protocols in the world and SSH Communications Security has grown to serve over 3,000 customers around the globe.

Throughout our history, we have developed leading edge security solutions that enable organizations to protect against a rapidly growing threat landscape that includes both internal and external actors. Our platform based approach to Secure Shell deployment and management provides the only solution on the market that addresses the need for security, compliance and operational efficiency in today’s complex enterprise environments.

Client Server

We secure the path to your information assets with a fully supported SSH client/server solution available on Unix, Linux, Windows and Mainframe environments.

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Centralized Management and Access Controls

Universal SSH Key Manager delivers enterprise wide lifecycle management of Secure Shell identities and software. Universal SSH Key Manager enables enterprises to address some of their most serious and difficult to resolve risk and compliance issues while reducing operational overhead.

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Privileged Identity Controls

CryptoAuditor controls and monitors the activities of privileged users. Security operations and forensics teams use CryptoAuditor to establish directory driven, policy based access controls for privileged users combined with comprehensive monitoring and audit of their encrypted communications over Secure Shell, RDP and SFTP.

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SSH Communications Security is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ OMX as SSH1V. For more information SSH Communications Security and for investor relations material please visit our investors section.