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Enhance your access control and auditing

Protect your critical access
for the future with Zero Trust

Tectia Zero Trust Edition protects and tracks all your interactive and machine-to-machine connections. It eliminates your static credentials, provides secure role-based access, and records full access logs.

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No permanent credentials

Reduce the risk of private keys, tokens, or passwords. Tectia Zero Trust Edition eliminates the use of permanent credentials.

Role-based access control

Grant access based on users' roles, rather than identity. Tectia Zero Trust Edition integrates with your Identity and Management (IAM) system.

Easy auditing & monitoring

Pass compliance audits easily. Tectia Zero Trust Edition logs all user authorizations and activities in a centralized system.

What are the typical problems
of large server estates?

1. Scattered private keys and tokens

Businesses with large SSH server estates typically experience an increased security risk of stolen or leaked SSH keys. Keys and tokens are usually scattered across clients and servers and their use is not always identified.

2. Lacking password management and policies

Similar to SSH keys, passwords are critical credentials that are at risk of being stolen or leaked. They are not always managed efficiently and related password policies are typically inconvenient.

3. Decentralized access management and auditing issues

Managing access control and related processes is typically resource-heavy. Access is usually granted as permanent unless revoked, and adding or revoking access rights is done on a per-server basis. Activity logs are decentralized and easy to tamper with.

Secure access control for the 20's


No permanent access credentials to manage

Instead of SSH keys, tokens, and passwords, Tectia Zero Trust Edition uses ephemeral (short-lived) certificates for authorization. The certificates have a lifetime of around 5 minutes, then they automatically expire.

This way, the risk of stolen or leaked credentials is seriously reduced to the minimum.


Centralized role-based access

Tectia Zero Trust Edition offers one place to manage your whole server estate. Instead of direct server access, users are granted access based on their roles. A single role allows access to multiple servers at a time.

It is possible to grant access as temporary. After a chosen time period is over, the granted access automatically expires.


Easy auditing and monitoring

Tectia Zero Trust Edition has a single, centralized activity log for your entire server estate. Users are always identified and all activities are tracked. All audit logs are tamper-proof. Thus, it is easy to pass compliance audits.

Tectia Zero Trust Edition also supports SIEM integration for easy activity monitoring.


A complete feature package

Tectia Zero Trust Edition includes all features of the previous Tectia SSH Client/Server Edition as well as the Tectia Quantum Edition.

This way, Tectia Zero Trust Edition combines the strengths of classical encryption algorithms with the latest post-quantum algorithms.

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Tectia features

How does it work?

1. Centralized Zero Trust module

User authentication and authorization, from individual clients and servers, are run through the Zero Trust module.

2. Just-in-time access

The module creates a server-specific ephemeral (short-lived) certificate, which provides the user with a just-in-time connection to the server.

3. Role-based access

The user receives just-enough access based on their role, rather than their identity. The user's role and information are identified by the server based on the information in the ephemeral certificate.

Read more about the details of Tectia Zero Trust Edition in our comprehensive solution brief.

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Before Tectia Zero Trust Edition

Imagine this set-up times 1000 - managing a server estate like that is not easy.




After Tectia Zero Trust Edition

Even with thousands of servers - your estate is organized and easy to manage with centralized access control.




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