Tectia SSH means fast SFTP

Financial, healthcare, big data, tech – every major enterprise needs to prioritize speed with security to remain competitive

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Tectia SSH is the clear market leader

Over70%of the Fortune 100

Over50%of top 20 global banks

Over100US govt. agencies

Tectia transfers files up to twice as fast as OpenSSH

Tectia leverages several smart technologies so you can transfer very large files fast and efficiently, including:

  • Proprietary, optimized crypto algorithms - for fast cipher performance

  • Streaming file transfers - to avoid SFTP bottlenecks and out-perform non-continuous packet-based transfers

  • Checkpoint restart functionality - file transfers pick up where they left off if the process is interrupted mid-stream, rather than starting over

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Is Tectia right for you?

Terabyte file transfers 

Do you need to cut the costs of secure transfers in high-performance computing, biotech, chip design, simulation etc.?

Governmental and federal agencies 

Are you compliant with FIPS-certified cryptography regulations?

OpenSSH users 

Do you need to lower lifecycle costs and mitigate the risk of your legacy OpenSSH implementation?

AWS file transfers 

Are you counting the cost of your on-premise to cloud transformation?


Do you need to securely manage smartcards, SecureID or 2-factor authentication for SysAdmins?

Enterprise data sync 

Do you handle large file transfers for backups, disaster recovery, and data synchronization?

Compliant scheduled backups

Are your scheduled SSH file transfers, like business-critical backups, policy compliant?

Regulated organizations

Do you need to take control of your secure SSH access?

z/OS mainframes 

Do you run processes and databases on z/OS that should be encrypted – are you replacing FTP or Telnet?

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