Zero Trust Administrative Access Management

Zero Trust Administrative Access Management

PrivX is an access management gateway that is fast to deploy and simple to maintain. PrivX advances your security by allowing connections for only the amount of time needed, removing dependency on passwords, controlling access to both cloud-hosted and on-premises applications, and interfacing directly with your identity management system.

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Lean and fast

Light on its feet, PrivX provisions administrative access for just the duration needed – no permanent access and no passwords to handle. Quick integration with ID management systems, and no agents to install.


Across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Control and consolidate access to workloads in AWS, GCP, Azure and on-premises hosts from a single user interface.


Automated administrative access

Reduce errors and save time by connecting with existing AD/LDAP infrastructure, unifying user/role management and enabling SSO (single sign-on) logins. Set it and forget it – PrivX stays in sync and automatically discovers new hosts.

PrivX integrations

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Privileged Access Re-Imagined

    PrivX stands apart from traditional privileged access management (PAM) tools by delivering a lean, cost effective solution. Compared to legacy PAMs, PrivX helps you to:

  • Cut the costs of password lifecycle management and vaulting by granting short-lived authentication to users only when they need it.
  • Economize on deployment and maintenance efforts by avoiding the use of agents on your client workstations and hosts.
  • Fortify your cost-saving cloud deployments by controlling access to your AWS, GCP and Azure-host servers, on-premises – or any combination

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What is Ephemeral Access?

From permanent credentials to ephemeral certificates.
Download the white paper to learn about ephemeral certificates and credentialess access. Find out how you can streamline operations, increase business velocity and improve security.

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How PrivX works




No need to handle SSH keys, exchange USB sticks with credentials or track down host names or IP addresses to get permission to access a resource. Just log in to PrivX and you’re in!




PrivX creates just-in-time, on-demand access with short-lived certificate that expires when it’s served its purpose. Eliminate encrypted sessions and backdoors that stay open for bad actors to exploit or are lost when employees or 3rd parties leave the company.



KuppingerCole recognizes PrivX as an innovative solution for the PAM market

The new Executive View Report states that PrivX is a unique and agile alternative to standard password vaulting and session management.

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The problems that today’s IT security professionals face

IT environments are increasingly complex and they require security tools that can be both expensive to deploy and burdensome to use and maintain. Below are a few examples.
Security is costlyToday’s complex environments require enhanced securitySecurity tools can be a hurdle to operations
PAMs are expensive to deploy and maintain
Traditional PAMs require heavy resources to deploy and manage. Tasks include installing and updating agents on workstations as well as vaulting and rotating passwords. PAMs can take months and even years to install, and some are abandoned before full deployment.
As workloads move to the cloud, security concerns rise.
As organizations take advantage of the economy that cloud hosting offers, security concerns also mount. Chief among these is managing access to sensitive data that reside in the cloud.
People will find ways to avoid difficult systems
You need your access management tool to be easy so people will use it. Astute users can find ways to bypass heavier tools, like traditional PAMs.
Compliance can be burdensome
Meeting internal and regulatory requirements can be onerous. You need to demonstrate that your systems are under control and that unwarranted users are kept out of your servers.
Need to control access inside the network
Not only are insider attacks a threat, but the clever hacker who does gain access to your network can move among your systems if un-checked at access points. It’s not enough to control your perimeter; you need to control access inside network.
Need to conserve resources
Your administrators have a lot on their plates. They need easy-to-use security tools so they can spend their time on more productive activities.

PrivX pricing options


Perfect for a customer who are looking for a privileged access management solution to small environments.

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PrivX: A modern solution for modern problems

PrivX helps you solve your access management problems cost effectively, securely, and in a package that your administrators will find easy to use.
Ephemeral certificate-based authorization
Leave passwords in the dust by using just-in-time, temporary access to target hosts. Reduce your threat surface, and the money you spend on credential lifecycle management.
Agentless*Benefit from fast deployment by avoiding the need to install traditional agents on client workstations and/or host servers. You’ll also be more likely to stay current with PrivX’s version updates when you only need to centrally update your software.
Integration with existing identity management systems
Economizing on time and effort, PrivX stays in sync with the role-based users in your identity management system. Employees come and go and change roles, while PrivX stays up to date. Expedite access to target hosts with SSO; users log in once and gain one-click entry.
Hybrid and multi-cloud support
PrivX manages access to target hosts whether they’re in AWS, Azure, GCP cloud environments, or all three as well as private cloud and on-premises.
Recorded sessions with playback
Make easy work of preparing for audits, as well as post-event forensics. All access traffic is recorded and stored for review.
Additive for scalability and high availability
PrivX lets you add instances as your needs grow while providing high availability for disaster recovery. Your multiple, distributed PrivX instances can be dispatched through a common load balancer and connected to a database at the backend to run as a unified, highly available system.

Read more about how PrivX fits your business

PrivX is a perfect for large enterprises and SMBs in different industries. Check out some typical use cases...

PrivX under the hood

Get tech specs and detail on integrations and compatibility.

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PrivX for Ops

Find out how to save valuable R&D; time for productive work.

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Faster software development in the enterprise

Learn how to master compliant cloud access management for distributed teams.

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Admins love PrivX

Learn how to radically reduce your privileged access workload.

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Agile multi-cloud DevOps

The fastest way to track and provision access to all your AWS, GCP and Azure servers.

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Compliant 3rd party access

See how to easily manage access for 3rd party IT admins and software developers.

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PrivX main features

Permission management via role-based access control (RBAC)

Dynamic mapping of AD/LDAP users or user groups to access roles

Role membership workflows

Session recording and at-a-glance overview of access per host

Auto-discovery of Google Cloud, Azure & AWS instances

Deployment of static role configurations using Chef or Ansible

Agnostic to changes in policies or credentials

Support for single sign-on with OpenID based authentication

Kerberos authentication with Microsoft Active Directory

Support for privileged access in Virtual Private Networks

Built in full VT100 terminal emulation with resizable windows and themes

List, filter or terminate ongoing connections

TLS-based internal communication

AES128 GCM encryption on stored information

The fastest privileged access to hybrid and multi-cloud on the planet

Can traditional PAM be deployed to hybrid or multi-cloud environments in a day?
How does PrivX handle onboarding and offboarding of 3rd parties, contractors and employees?
PrivX fetches user groups automatically and admins simply map groups to the appropriate access roles e.g. HR manager, quality engineer, access administrator, IT manager etc. Every joiner, leaver or mover’s context is immediately updated in PrivX, and access is granted, revoked or modified instantly!
Why is PrivX leaner than typical PAM?
PrivX helps you avoid duplicate work. You use your existing user identities from your AD/LDAP and PrivX fetches user groups for you automatically. It’s not like PAM where you have to duplicate your users manually or worry about keeping two separate systems up-to-date!
What’s so special about host auto-discovery?
PrivX gives you a real-time view to all your global cloud and on-premise server instances automatically. No need to switch screens or apps to find and configure hosts in different regions or different CSPs. No need to configure access per host: PrivX updates your access roles to the hosts automatically!
Why is PrivX faster than traditional PAM?
Every second your developers wait for secure access to critical resources during production, testing and deployment is downtime. Every lost password, rotation, or request for credentials slows down your processes. PrivX grants privileged access on-demand and in the right context for each and every developer. Developers see their list of servers and access them in 1-click.
How does PrivX handle access termination?
Poorly managed credentials can be exploited, forgotten, become obsolete or be misconfigured. With PrivX, access expires automatically after it is no longer necessary. Admins can also terminate access instantaneously, or easily set time limits in advance.
Say no to vaults and password rotation.
They are a growing risk factor and slow you down. Now, you can safely and securly provision access in rapidly changing enterprise and outsourced multi-cloud environments, and demonstrate compliance. It's time to go credentialess.

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