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"It’s an innovative approach but one that does bring functional and security advantages – access is faster, onboarding and offboarding of privileged users is quick and there are no passwords to issue or lose, since there are no permanent leave-behind credentials. Furthermore, users never handle or see any credentials or secrets at any point when accessing servers." - Paul Fisher, KuppingerCole

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PrivX is lean, quick-to-implement and easy-to-use access management software for superusers, system administrators, 3rd party consultants and other privileged users. With it, you can enable, manage and audit access to critical IT, data, applications and network devices in on-premise and multi-cloud environments.

Privileged access management (PAM) that doesn't get in the way of productive work

PrivX offers unique modern features and functionality that, compared with in-house and traditional tools, not only strengthen your IT security but also increase the speed of your business and lower your privileged access implementation and operating costs. PrivX is PAM Re-Imagined and built to speed up the work of your superusers.

Learn more about the operational challenges IT professionals face in their daily work below.

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Vanson Bourne study:IT pros face access hurdles in their daily work

71%experience issues with cloud access management solutions that slow down their daily work.

52%of respondents said they would “definitely” or at least “consider” bypassing secure access controls if they were under pressure to meet a deadline

85%share account credentials with others out of convenience, even though most (70%) understand the risks of doing so

Get the study: Re-thinking Privileged Access in the Age of Hybrid Cloud

Vanson Bourne polled 625 IT and application development professionals across the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. They found out that accessing multi-cloud and hybrid environments do not only add security risks but also slow down the daily work of IT pros. Download the full study here!

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Learn how PrivX makes remote superuser access easy to manage and audit in multi-cloud and hybrid IT.

Key Benefits


Automatic discovery and on/off-boarding of hosts keeps up with your dynamic cloud demands.

Control access to workloads in AWS, GCP, Azure and on-premises hosts from a single, efficient user interface.

Fast + Low TCO

Credentialess access eliminates the costs and pain of password vaulting and management.

Integrates and stays in sync with ID management systems. Auto-discovers new hosts as you add them.

No host or client agents to install and maintain.

Advanced security

Just-in-time, ephemeral access diminishes standing privileges and removes risks of password harvesting.

Auditing and session recording simplify compliance and post-event forensics.

Lean, modern privileged access management

Modern, future-proof architecture

Your cloud environment is elastic and scales on demand – PrivX handles dynamic environments by on- and off-boarding target hosts automatically - and as PrivX is built on microservices, it scales horizontally to suit your needs. 

Enable flexible, just-in-time access to your entire multi-cloud and on-prem server estate in real-time from a single console. 

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Your path to Zero Standing Privileges

The next frontier for drastically reducing the risks of always-on access.

“By 2022, 40% of privileged access activity will leverage ZSP through JIT privilege elevation, effectively eliminating standing privileges, up from just 10% today.”

Download the Gartner ZSP research

“When we started using PrivX, it took us four hours to set up the test environment from start to finish. And the amazing part was when we connected to Azure, we could retrieve all the VMs that were part of the testing environment right away without any kinds of hassle.”

Sami Säisä, Director, Head of Strategic Development, MOST Digital

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