sec@gw for encrypted emails

Encrypt your confidential e-mails

Sec@GW is an easy, non-intrusive and highly secure email encryption solution embedded in your existing email services to protect confidential e-mail communications.

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Best-of-breed user experience – no changes to the way you use email

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Fulfills the most demanding security needs

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Non-intrusive onboarding for all email systems


No extensive training sessions for the users. Use email just like before. Just add an 's' and the encryption is on.


End-to-end encryption and protection from sender to recipient.


All email service providers supported.


Sending unecrypted emails is like sending confidential information on a postcard

  1. Email is still the most commonly used tool for business communications because of its ease of use and accessibility, regardless of the security limitations of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) protocol - the standard communication protocol for electronic mail transmission. 
  2. Many webmail solutions have native encryption, but the communications can still become unencrypted on their way to the recipient, making them vulnerable for misuse.
  3. Traditional Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic protocol providing communications security over a computer network. However, it often lacks complete end-to-end encryption.

Choose uncompromising email security


Straightforward email encryption for large files

Send and receive secure e-mails to and from any recipient – without installing agents on endpoints. Allow a third party easily start secure communications, for example, from your company website – even exceptionally large files reach the destination securely.


Flexible classification options

Classify confidential information and  adjust security levels according to your policies to define how information can be shared. Apply extra security checks (like multi-factor authorization, MFA) when needed.


Prevent email data leaks

Ensure the security of confidential e-mails while mitigating the risk of human error with email data loss prevention (DLP).

Sec@GW analyzes email traffic and recognizes confidential information, such as personal identification numbers (PIN). Based on your policy, you can prevent such emails from being sent or automatically encrypt them. 


Isolated secure network

Use transparent, secure e-mail messaging with the SSH.COM network service. Give customers and interest groups an opportunity for completely transparent confidential electronic communication within a secure network maintained by us.


Who benefits from email encryption?

All organizations using e-mail to communicate with their partners, customers and employees should consider protecting their email traffic.

Our customers typically protect the following type of highly confidential and sensitive information: 

Financial information, Recruitment, HR, Business development, Product development, Customer information, Marketing strategies, Service requests, Offers, Pricing information, Confidential project files, User credentials and/or passwords.

Main features

Ease of use

  • No need for user accounts
  • Multiple levels to identify the recipient
  • Interoperates with any email system without changes to the user experience
  • A browser based interface for 3rd party initiated messaging

Authentication and Security

  • Recipient authentication using passwords, SMS and trusted network providers
  • Support for Email security protocols (DMARC / DKIM / SPF )
  • Support for a S/MIME based encryption
  • On-premise deployment ensuring your data remains in your control

Customer cases

Learn more about how our customers have successfully secured their email communications with sec@GW.

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