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Secure File Transfer Examples Using Windows and Unix Clients

Tectia Client for Windows includes a GUI and command-line applications for secure system administration and secure file transfer. Tectia Client for Unix includes only the command-line applications.


When Tectia Client 6.x on Unix or Windows is used to rename or transfer files or mainframe data sets to/from z/OS hosts, and direct MVS data set access on the server side is needed, you need to define the following environment variables on the client:

  • SSH_SFTP_STREAMING_MODE=ext to activate extended streaming

  • SSH_SFTP_CHECKSUM_MODE=no to deactivate the checksum mode

    The checksums cannot be used with streaming, because checksum calculation requires staging, but staging and streaming are mutually exclusive.

For more information, see Tectia Client 6.x User Manual.

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