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SSH Tectia

Transparent FTP Tunneling

Transparent FTP tunneling provides a quick and easy way to secure FTP file transfers without the need to change existing FTP jobs or scripts.

Transparent FTP tunneling uses the Secure Shell v2 protocol to tunnel the existing FTP client and server connections providing full compatibility with existing unsecured FTP file transfer environment. This makes transparent FTP tunneling an ideal solution for environments with thousands of complex FTP jobs with possible file transfer pre- and post-processing.

Transparent FTP tunneling can be used to secure both interactive and unattended FTP sessions. It also provides an option to fall back to plaintext FTP for easier migration.

Transparent FTP tunneling client component is currently available with SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS. It provides secured FTP connections to all servers running Secure Shell and FTP.

Transparent FTP tunneling

Figure 5.7. Transparent FTP tunneling

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