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SSH Tectia 
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File Transfer Profiles

A file transfer profile is a mechanism for pre-configuring different types of file transfers. Both the mainframe clients (scp2, sftp2) and the server use the same profile mechanism. There are two types of profiles: named profiles and filename-matched profiles.

Named profiles can be used with the file transfer advice string parameter P. A named profile provides the default values for different advice string parameters. Those default values can be overwritten with advice string parameters.

The filename-matched profiles can be used for configuring advice string default values when transferring files whose names match a certain regular expression. Again, those default values can be overwritten with advice string parameters.

File transfer profiles for SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS can be set in files /etc/ssh2/ssh_ftadv_config (globally for all users) and $HOME/.ssh2/ssh_ftadv_config (for the specific user).

The syntax of the profile is:


Each profile starts with a profile name or an egrep style of regular expression followed by one or more white spaces and the advice string. The profile name must start with the percent (%) character. The regular expression must not start with the % character. If the % character needs to be the first character in the regular expression, it must be escaped with a backslash (\). Note that in order to get the regular expression escape character, backslash, into a regular expression, it must be escaped by using \\.

The profile name and regular expression must start from the beginning of the line. There must not be any white space in front of the name or regular expression.

An advice string is a comma-separated list of name-value pairs of type name=value. There may be white spaces in the advice string. It can span over multiple lines. There must be at least one white space character in the beginning of a spanned advice string line. An advice string must not contain the file transfer advisor marker /ftadv:/ or a filename.

Profiles with %NAME can be used with the advice string P=NAME. Profiles with REGEXP are used only for matching filenames. The first REGEXP that matches a filename is used.

Comments can be added to the file with a hash (#) character. Everything on the line after # is ignored.

Enabling Example File Transfer Profiles

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