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Listing Jobs

To display the status of all the jobs that are on the JES spool for your user ID, enter the following command:

sftp> ls /ftadv:filetype=JES/

To list jobs in the long name format, enter:

sftp> ls -l /ftadv:filetype=JES/

To list the contents of a specific job (in this example JOB03419) in the long name format:

sftp> ls -l /ftadv:filetype=JES/JOB03419/ 1
Volume Referred    Recfm Lrecl BlkSz Dsorg    Space  Dsname
JOB03419 USER1   USERJ0   A        J      0000
  0002          JES2     JESMSGLG    18       1048 UA       133
  0003          JES2     JESJCL       6        299 V        136
  0004          JES2     JESYSMSG     9        559 VA       137

Note the required trailing slash after the job ID.




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