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Restarting the Server


To restart the server under MVS when you are running it as a started task, use the following console command:


When the server is restarted, existing connections will stay open until they are disconnected. If you have made configuration changes, existing connections will continue to use the old configuration settings while new connections will use the reconfigured settings. To ensure that the new settings will be used for all new connections, use the Tectia sshg3 client option --exclusive. This way a new connection is opened for each connection attempt, instead of the Connection Broker reusing recently closed connections.

To kill existing connections and restart the server, use the restart command's force option:


User address spaces that were running before the stop will continue to run. Any changes to the configuration or keys will take effect when the daemon is restarted and when new user connections are established.


To restart the server in ISPF, enter the Tectia SSH Assistant option 4.1.3 TSRVR (Restart the SSH server).

You should see the following console message:

SSZ0003I Command RESTART accepted

To kill existing connections and restart the server, enter the Tectia SSH Assistant option 4.1.4 TSRVRF (Restart the SSH server, killing connections).