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Reconfiguring ssh-socks-proxy

If you make changes to the ssh-socks-proxy-config.xml configuration file the changes will not take effect until the SOCKS Proxy is reconfigured. After you have reconfigured the SOCKS Proxy, existing connections will continue to use the old configuration settings while new connections will use the reconfigured settings.

You can reconfigure the SOCKS Proxy to the current configuration file by executing one of the following commands.

  • Under USS:

    > /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-socks-proxy --reconfig


    > /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-socks-proxy-ctl reload

    OR with the following script:

    > /opt/tectia/etc/init.d/ssh-socks-proxy restart
  • Under MVS, when you are running the SOCKS Proxy as a started task:

    == > s SSHSP,f=reconfig


    == > s SSHSP,f=restart