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Starting ssh-socks-proxy Manually under USS

Under USS, Tectia SOCKS Proxy can be started by running the following command:

> /opt/tectia/bin/ssh-socks-proxy

or by using the following script:

> /opt/tectia/etc/init.d/ssh-socks-proxy start

The init script takes an optional mode definition background (the default) or foreground. With the foreground mode, a console is automatically used.

For example, to run the SOCKS Proxy in the foreground mode, run the script as follows:

> /opt/tectia/etc/init.d/ssh-socks-proxy start foreground

For more information on the command-line options of ssh-socks-proxy, see Appendix A in Tectia Server 6.2 for IBM z/OS User Manual.