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SSH Tectia 
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Running ssh-certd

The SSH Tectia Certificate Validator (ssh-certd) is a process used by sshd2 when validating user certificates.

To start ssh-certd manually, log on to USS as the SSHD2 user. Execute the command:

> /usr/lpp/ssh2/sbin/ssh-certd

To run ssh-certd as a started task, use a JCL procedure such as SSHCERTD (shown below). The JCL must be installed in the procedure library.


//             PARM='PGM /bin/sh /etc/ssh2/init.d/ssh-certd
//             start foreground'
//STDOUT   DD  PATH='/home/sshd2/ssh-certd.out',
//STDERR   DD  PATH='/home/sshd2/ssh-certd.err',
//             DISP=SHR
//        PEND

Start the Certificate Validator with the following operator command:

== > s sshcertd 

The sshcertd job starts.

In the sample SSHCERTD script above, ssh-certd is started with the start foreground option that disables the daemon mode. With the start foreground option, the daemon does not spawn the process to background and the task name stays as sshcertd.

If the ssh-certd process is started without the start foreground option, the ssh-certd daemon starts and spawns a new job with the name sshcertdx (where x is a number). After this, the sshcertd job ends.

You can assign the user SSHD2 to the started task by defining the procedure in the STARTED class and entering the user ID in the STDATA segment.

For more information, see Appendix ssh-certd.

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