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SSH Tectia 
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Starting the Server in Debug Mode

In order to start the server in debug mode, log on to USS as the SSHD2 user. Execute the command:

> /usr/lpp/ssh2/sbin/sshd2 -d 2


> /usr/lpp/ssh2/sbin/sshd2 -D 2

The debug level can be set with the -d or -D option. If -d is used, the server accepts only one connection. After that the connection to the server exits. With the -D option, the server keeps on listening the TCP port and spawns new task for each new connection. The server does not exit after the connections.

The debug level is either a number, or a comma-separated list of assignments of the format ModulePattern=debug_level, for example "*=10,sshd2=2".

If another server is already listening to the default port, use option -p to change the TCP port the server is listening to. For example:

> /usr/lpp/ssh2/sbin/sshd2 -D 2 -p 2222

This starts a server process that listens to port number 2222.

Debugging for the SFTP server subsystem can be controlled with the SSH_SFTP_DEBUG and SSH_SFTP_DEBUG_FILE environment variables. See Section File Transfer Environment Variables for more information.

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