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The Logging page allows you to customize the information that is logged in the event log.

Tectia Server Configuration - Logging page

Figure 4.15. Tectia Server Configuration - Logging page

On this page, you can see a list of log events generated by Tectia Server. The events are grouped under tabs according to the event categories. Each event has an associated Action and Severity. They have reasonable default values, which are used if no explicit logging settings are made.

The action can be either Log or Discard. Setting the action to Discard causes the server to ignore the log event.


If the server fails to start before the server configuration has been read, or because of an error in reading the configuration (for example because of incorrect access permissions or invalid content of the configuration file), the event Server_start_failed will be logged even if its Action has been set to Discard.

On Windows, the following event severities are used:

  • Informational

  • Warning

  • Error

  • Security success

  • Security failure

For more information on the event types, see Auditing.

For a description of the log events, see Appendix D.

To change whether the event is logged or not, select an event from the list and click Log/Discard. You can select multiple events by holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking.

To customize the event action and severity:

  1. Select a log event from the list and click Edit. You can select multiple events by holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking. The Edit Logging Event dialog box opens.

    Editing a log event

    Figure 4.16. Editing a log event

  2. Select the Action and Severity for the event and click OK.




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