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SSH Tectia


ssh-ekview-g3 — external key viewer


ssh-ekview-g3 [options...] provider


The ssh-ekview-g3 program (ssh-ekview-g3.exe on Windows) allows you to export certificates from external key providers such as Entrust. You can further study these certificates with ssh-certview-g3.

This is useful when you want to generate, for example, entries for allowing certificate authentication in the ssh-server-config.xml file. You might need to know the subject names on the certificate.

With ssh-ekview-g3, you can export the certificate and get the information you need from the certificates with ssh-certview-g3.


The following options are available:


Displays a short help.

-i info

Uses info as the initialization string for the provider.


Prints the key paths only.

-e keypath

Exports certificates at keypath to files.


Exports all found certificates to files.

-b base

Uses base when printing integers. For example, the decimal 10 is 'a' in base-16.


For example the following command will dump all certificates in the entrust provider to files:

ssh-ekview-g3 -a -i"ini-file($HOME/my.ini) profile-file($HOME/solo.ini)" entrust


SSH Communications Security Corp.

For more information, see

See Also

ssh-certview-g3(1), ssh-server-config(5)

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