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SSH Tectia

Chapter 1 About This Document

This document contains instructions on the basic administrative tasks of SSH Tectia Server. There are separate SSH Tectia Server product versions for Unix and Windows, for Linux on IBM System z and for IBM z/OS platforms. The first two are handled in this manual, and we use the name SSH Tectia Server to refer to both product versions, as their behaviour is almost identical. The only difference is that SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z provides also hardware acceleration of encryption.

The SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is described in its own Administrator Manual.

This document is intended for system administrators responsible for the configuration of the SSH Tectia Server software.

This document contains the following information:

  • Installing SSH Tectia Server and SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z

  • Getting started

  • Configuring SSH Tectia Server

  • Authentication settings

  • System administration

  • File transfer

  • Tunneling

  • Troubleshooting

  • Appendices, including command-line tool and audit message references

To fully use the information presented in this document, you should be familiar also with other system administration tasks. To edit the configuration files manually without SSH Tectia Server Configuration GUI or SSH Tectia Manager, you should have basic knowledge of XML.

SSH Tectia Client/Server Product Description contains important background information on the SSH Tectia client/server solution, and we recommend that you read it before installing and starting SSH Tectia Server.

If you are familiar with SSH Tectia Server 4.x, we recommend that you read SSH Tectia Client/Server Migration Guide. It contains information on new and changed configuration options in SSH Tectia 6.x, and instructions for migrating existing installations of SSH Tectia 4.x to 6.x.

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