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Monitoring Events

Tectia MFT Events lists all existing events in the Management Console Event List. The user can view the status of each individual event.

In addition to the event definitions, Tectia MFT Events stores detailed logs during the execution of events. File transfer operators can view the progress information and the results of event execution via the Management Console in the Log view.

Viewing successful events in the logs

Figure 3.2. Viewing successful events in the logs

Tectia MFT Events can be configured to send immediate notifications to given email addresses under certain conditions (for example when problems are encountered), and the operator can then troubleshoot the situation through the easy-to-use log view. These effective troubleshooting capabilities help improve company-internal service levels and reduce downtime and service interruptions.

Tectia MFT Events offers standard searches to display the logged data per event status (Success or Failure) and a separate set of time-based filters for the past day, week or month. Operators can also customize a log filter to search specific data in the logs.

Tectia MFT Events allows operators to enter customized audit messages, which makes it easier to find relevant messages.

Centralized monitoring of Tectia MFT Events logs is available with Tectia Manager, a separate product for monitoring and auditing SFTP operations in Secure Shell environment. Tectia Manager can collect all SFTP logs from Tectia MFT Events, and compose predefined reports for management and auditing purposes. For information on Tectia Manager refer to Tectia Manager Product Description.