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SSH Tectia

Remote Installation of Management Agents

The Management Agents can be delivered remotely to the target hosts by using any applicable third-party software deployment system. The Management Agent installation requires also an initial configuration block (ICB).

On Windows, the Management Agents and the initial configuration block (ICB) installation can be performed for example with Microsoft SMS or Active Directory. The Management Agent is delivered in the MSI installation package 2.0 format used by the Windows Installer Service.

On Unix, the Management Agent installation packages are delivered in Red Hat Linux rpm, Solaris pkg, and AIX lpp packaging formats. For information on the supported platforms, see Supported Managed Software and Platforms.

The Management Agent installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Determine the operating system and hardware architecture of each target host and check that you have a compatible Management Agent package available.

  2. The Management Server generates an ICB file, that includes the data that the Management Agent will need to connect to the correct Management Server.

  3. The Management Agent package and the ICB file are sent to the host and installed.

  4. The Management Agent daemon starts up automatically and registers to the Management Server.

  5. Normal SSH Tectia Manager operation ensues.




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