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SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia Client/Server Solution Deployment and Upgrades

SSH Tectia Manager enables the administrator to deploy new SSH Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server installations to managed host groups, as well as to upgrade existing installations. To enable centralized installation, the target hosts have to be management-enabled. This means that they must have the Management Agent installed, and the Management Agent must have a management connection open to the Management Server. The software binary installations and upgrades are then pushed from the Management Server to the host via the management connection and installed without requiring any local administrator interaction.

The administrator is able to perform mass installations to entire host groups, with real-time feedback on the success of the installations per host. The mass installations are performed as series of automated smaller group installations (for example, five at a time), in order not to flood the network with a large number of binaries pushed through concurrently. If a host is offline at the time when the installation is initiated (for example, a laptop on the road), the installation will be performed the next time the host is online and its Management Agent connects to the Management Server.

If an unauthorized SSH Tectia Client or Server installation is performed locally, a log message is generated and shown in the administration interface on the Management Server.




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