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Problems with Managing Tectia Servers

Symptom: Deploying a new configuration to Tectia Server times out

Possible reason:

  • When the managed Tectia Server is version 6.3.5 or earlier, reloading the configuration will hang if the authorization file includes forced commands.


Before deploying a new configuration to managed Tectia Server 6.3.5 or earlier, the server needs to be stopped and started before reloading the configuration. Tectia Manager includes a configuration option to automatically stop and start the managed Tectia Server when deploying a new configuration to the server.

To enable the option:

  1. In the Tectia Manager administration interface, navigate to Settings → System Settings.

  2. Click Edit, to make changes in the system settings.

  3. Check Stop and start SSH pre-6.3.5 server before deploying config check box.

  4. Click Save to save the system configuration changes.

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