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Problems with Management Server

Symptom: The Management Server becomes slow in its responsiveness

Remedy: Check the memory consumption of the ssh-mgmt-engine process. If it is close to the physical memory of the Management Server host, try restarting the process. 512MB is the recommended minimum memory for the Management Server host - additional physical memory may improve performance.

Symptom: The HTTP connection of the administration interface times out with error message: "The requested session does not exist"

Reason: Most propably the HTTP proxy in the environment has suddenly changed status, i.e. become either unavailable or available.

Symptom: Form fields get automatically filled in with faulty contents

Reason: Autocomplete of forms is disabled in the web-based administration interface. However, not all browsers respect this setting (e.g. Mozilla Form Manager, which also has problems with dynamic field names). Note that the browser password cache should be disabled manually.