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Chapter 6 Configuring Management Agents

Management Agents require two kinds of configurations, first to define how they connect to the Management Server and secondly, to define what information they will collect from the managed hosts.

Every new Management Agent installation requires an Initial Configuration Block (ICB) that is delivered to the managed hosts along with the Management Agent software. This data file initially authenticates the Management Agent to the Management Server, after which the Management Agent receives its permanent configuration file to be used on subsequent connections to the Management Server. For more information, see Managing Initial Configuration Blocks (ICBs).

Tectia Manager can be used to collect file transfer logs from SFTP servers and MFT logs from managed Tectia MFT Events hosts. The file transfer logs are collected from both Tectia and OpenSSH SSH servers, and all logs are stored in the Management Server database. The configuration settings for the log collection and file transfer monitoring operations are made in the Management Agent configuration. For instructions on enabling the log collection, see Enabling Log Collection in Management Agent Configuration.




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