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Editing or Deleting an Admin Account

To edit an existing admin account:

  1. Click Settings → Admin accounts on the menu.

  2. Click on the account name on the Administrator account information page.

  3. On the Edit account page, you can change the personal information of the administrator (Real name, E-mail address), change the password of the administrator, and modify the authentication set, timezone or admin groups where the admin is a member.


    Only the superuser and the user account administrators have the rights to change the passwords and timezones for the other administrator accounts.

    Editing an admin account

    Figure 4.4. Editing an admin account

  4. To delete an admin account, click the Delete button bottom right. You will be asked for confirmation. Click Yes to proceed with the deletion.


    Removing an admin account is a permanent operation and cannot be undone.


An alternative to deleting an admin account is disabling the account by selecting none as the authentication set. This way, the link between the user and the audit log information is not lost. See Configuring Extended Admin Authentication.

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