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SSH Tectia

Configuring SSH Tectia Connector 5.3


The SSH Tectia Connector product has been discontinued in SSH Tectia release 6.0. However, configuring SSH Tectia Connector 5.3 is still supported.

The SSH Tectia Connector configuration is a set of filter rules. When an application connects to a host, the rules are used to determine the correct action to apply to the connection. The list of rules is scanned through to find a rule that matches the connection, and the first matching rule is used. The rules are evaluated from top to down.

The configuration consists of tunneling policy rules, application definitions, and tunneling parameters, defined on the Connector configurations page. Settings defined on the Global settings tab affect all SSH Tectia Connector configurations in the environment. See Figure 9.6.

Tunneling policies are defined and deployed per host or host group. The SSH Tectia Connector policies are created dynamically for all hosts running SSH Tectia Connector in the managed network.

Each time a new host, host group, or a new tunneling rule is added, the configuration needs to be re-deployed as described in Deploying Configurations.

Defining tunneling configurations requires the Edit Connector configurations permissions.




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