SSH Tectia

Chapter 5 Installing Management Agents

Table of Contents

Planning the Management Agent Installation
System Requirements of the Management Agent
Installation Options
After Installation
Managing Initial Configuration Blocks (ICBs)
Creating ICBs
Downloading ICBs
Editing ICBs
Expiring ICBs Manually
Installing Management Agents
Installing Manually on Linux
Installing Manually on Solaris
Installing Manually on AIX
Installing Manually on HP-UX
Installing Manually on Windows
Using Third-Party Software Deployment Tools
Upgrading Management Agents Remotely
Directory Structure of the Management Agent
Unix Platforms
Removing the Management Agent Manually
Removing from Linux
Removing from Solaris
Removing from AIX
Removing from HP-UX
Removing from Windows

The Management Agent component installed on the managed host machines is responsible for communicating with the Management Server, and installing, upgrading, monitoring, and controlling the SSH Tectia software on the host, according to the commands from the Management Server.

The connection between the Management Server and the managed hosts is secured with TLS. The Management Server authenticates itself with an X.509 certificate, and the Management Agent component on the host authenticates itself with a shared secret. The initial shared secret and information needed for checking the server certificate are delivered to the managed host in the Initial Configuration Block (ICB).