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SSH Tectia

Chapter 1 About This Document

SSH Tectia Manager is a product for centralized management of SSH Tectia security software products in multi-platform environments. The managed products are SSH Tectia Server, SSH Tectia Client, SSH Tectia ConnectSecure, and SSH Tectia Connector. SSH Tectia Client and Server were previously known as SSH Secure Shell.

This document is intended for persons responsible for the deployment and operation of the SSH Tectia Manager system.

This document contains the following information:

  • installing the Management Server and the database

  • getting started with SSH Tectia Manager

  • managing administrator accounts

  • deploying Management Agents

  • distributed environments

  • managing hosts

  • installing SSH Tectia on the managed hosts

  • configuring SSH Tectia products using SSH Tectia Manager

  • maintaining the Management Server

  • troubleshooting

  • appendix A: advanced information

  • appendix B: supported parameters

  • appendix C: list of possible log messages

Before using the information in this document, you should be familiar with the operating systems on which you plan to install the Management Server (Linux or Solaris). You should also be familiar with the SSH Tectia client/server solution (or SSH Secure Shell). For more information, see the SSH Tectia Server, Client, ConnectSecure, and Connector documentation.

SSH Tectia Manager Product Description and SSH Tectia Deployment Guide contain important background information on SSH Tectia Manager, and we recommend that you read them before installing and starting SSH Tectia Manager.

Read also the release notes and the FAQ on the installation CD-ROM.




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