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SSH Tectia

Troubleshooting Management Server and Management Agent

When sending a support request, please include the details listed below. Sent the request to

Management Server

  1. The exact operating system. Send the output of:

    # uname -a

    Also, describe if it is a hardened OS, or if there is any specialized configuration compared to a default installation.

  2. Configuration directory listing:

    # ls -al /etc/opt/ssh-mgmt/server > ssh-mgmt-dir.txt

  3. Configuration files from /etc/opt/ssh-mgmt/server:


    • server-config.dat

    Erase the values from the fields db-password and db-key in the server-config.dat to keep the database credentials and encryption keys confidential.

  4. Relevant syslog messages:

    # cat /var/log/messages | grep ssh-mgmt > ssh-mgmt-messages.txt

    Or replace the path /var/log/messages with /var/adm/messages or the correct path in your system.


If the problem is related to the database, provide the following information in addition to the general troubleshooting information listed above.

  1. The exact version and detailed description of the database installation.

  2. Details of the sshmgmt user; send the output of command:

    # id sshmgmt

  3. Database library listings, for example:

    # ls -al /opt/sshmgmtdb/SYBSsa8/lib/ > sybase_lib.txt


    # ls -al /opt/sybase/SYBSsa8/lib/ > sybase_lib.txt

    Oracle database library listing, for example:

    # ls -al /opt/oracle/product/v92/lib/ > oracle_lib.txt

Managed Host

If the problem concerns a managed host, provide also the following information.

  1. The exact operating system details. Also, describe if it is a hardened OS or if there is any specialized configuration compared to a default installation.

  2. Configuration directory listing. For Unix Management Agent, the output of:

    # ls -al /etc/opt/ssh-mgmt/agent

    For Windows Management Agent, the output of:

    C:\>dir "C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia Manager\"

  3. Relevant messages. Note that the location of the messages is system-dependent.

    Unix syslog:

    # cat /var/log/messages | grep ssh-mgmt > ssh-mgmt-messages.txt

    Windows Event Log:

    1. Open Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer.

    2. Select Application Log.

    3. Look for messages that have the source SSH Tectia Manager.




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