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SSH Tectia

Problems with LDAP Authentication

Check the following:

  • The user's login name in the Management Server must be identical to a uid entry in the LDAP database.

  • Passwords should be stored in the LDAP database in either the userPassword or authPassword field.

  • Plaintext passwords stored in the LDAP are not supported for security reasons.

  • If your LDAP is configured to only allow reading of userPassword or authPassword field under a certain bind name, remember to fill in the LDAP username and LDAP password fields in the administration interface.

  • If you require TLS authentication to the LDAP server, remember to upload a certificate in the LDAP configuration page.

  • If you set TLS mode to Require, make sure you have uploaded a valid certificate for TLS authentication purposes.

  • If the LDAP server is offline, none of the users who have been configured to be authenticated via LDAP will be able to log in.