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SSH Tectia

Legacy Configurations (SSH Tectia Client 5.x)

The configuration user interface for SSH Tectia Client G3 has been simplified in SSH Tectia Manager release 6.0. SSH Tectia Client 5.x configurations generated with SSH Tectia Manager 2.x cannot be automatically converted to the new configuration format. However, the Legacy configs tab is provided for compatibility with SSH Tectia Client 5.x configurations created using SSH Tectia Manager 2.x.

When upgrading from SSH Tectia Manager 2.x to 6.0, the old SSH Tectia Client configurations will appear under the Legacy configs tab. They are shown alongside new SSH Tectia G3 Client configurations in Assign configurations view and can be assigned and deployed to hosts normally.

We recommend that you do not create new SSH Tectia Client configurations under Legacy configs. The tab will be removed in a future release of SSH Tectia Manager. You should migrate existing SSH Tectia Client 5.x configurations to use the new SSH Tectia G3 format.

For information on the legacy SSH Tectia Client 5.x configuration format, refer to SSH Tectia Manager 2.x Administrator Manual.