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SSH Tectia

Importing Downloaded Update and Upgrade Packages

The update packages are available at

The full commercial packages available in the SSH Customer Download Center contain the license file and can be imported directly to SSH Tectia Manager.

The SSH Customer Download Center is available for maintenance customers at

SSH Tectia Manager requires license files for imported managed software. "Third-digit" (x.y.z) update packages available as downloads do not contain license files. You can, however, import update packages if an earlier version from the same two-digit (x.y) series of the package is already imported. In that case, the license file of the already imported package will be used.

When update packages are imported, SSH Tectia Manager will look for the product license file for the same x.y version. For example, when importing an SSH Tectia Client 5.3.7 update package, there should be a previous licence for SSH Tectia Client 5.3 imported in SSH Tectia Manager. The installed SSH Tectia Client/Server version on the Management Server host does not affect the import.




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