SSH Tectia

Server XML

The settings for SSH Tectia Server 5.1-6.x can also be specified as raw XML under Configurations → Edit configurations → SSH Tectia G3 → Server XML. The configurations defined here will show as separate configuration objects under Configurations → Assign configurations.


Name for the configuration object.


Description of the configuration object.

Attached Files

List of configuration-related files attached to this object.

User XML

In this field it is possible to define an XML configuration by typing or copying it into the field, or by uploading an existing XML configuration file.


Be careful in using advanced XML configurations. The XML configuration is deployed to the hosts as is, and typing errors or a configuration that is incompatible for the SSH Tectia software version installed on the target host may lead to problems with the SSH Tectia software. If the re-configuration of the service fails upon configuration update, the Management Agent reverts back to the previous version of the configuration.