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SSH Tectia

Configuration Sets (Windows)

The configuration sets combine one global configuration file and one or more connection profiles to be used by SSH Tectia Client on Windows.


Name of the configuration set. The name is used in the management system only.


Description of the configuration. The description will be used in the management system only; it does not affect how the client operates.


Select a Global settings configuration for SSH Tectia Client. The Global settings configuration has to be created first. Each Windows workstation can be given zero or one set of Global settings that are combined with the user's own Global settings.


Select the command-line configuration for SSH Tectia Client from the drop-down list.


Selects the connection profiles for SSH Tectia Client. Each Windows workstation can be given zero or more preconfigured profiles, up to a maximum of 50. The centrally managed profiles are listed last in the Profiles menu of SSH Tectia Client. They can also be installed as desktop icons, or configured to start automatically at login.




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