SSH Tectia

Managing Host Groups

Host groups are managed on the Manage groups page. To access the page, click Hosts → Manage groups on the menu. See Figure 3.5.

Creating host groups

Figure 3.5. Creating host groups

Each host view is divided into groups and subgroups. If no groups are defined for the view or a group has not been selected for the host(s), the hosts will be under Holding area. Holding area is the default group in each view and it is permanently present in all views.

If a group has subgroups, a plus sign (+) is displayed before the group name. Click the plus sign to expand the subgroups.

An example of a location-based view and host grouping is shown in Figure 3.6.

Hosts grouped by location

Figure 3.6. Hosts grouped by location

Creating Host Groups

To create a new host group:

  1. Click Hosts → Manage groups on the menu.

  2. On the Manage groups page, select a host view by clicking its tab.

  3. Click the topmost Add subgroup button to add a new group to the view. After you have created some groups, you can also add new subgroups under existing groups by clicking the Add subgroup button next to the group.

  4. Enter a name for the new group and click Save.

Renaming Host Groups

To rename a host group, click the Rename button on the Manage groups page next to the group you wish to rename.

Enter a new name for the group and click Save.

Moving Host Groups

To move a host group, click the Move button on the Manage groups page next to the group you wish to move.

Select a new parent group for the group from the drop-down list and click Save.

Deleting Host Groups

To delete a host group, click Delete on the Manage groups page next to the view you wish to remove.

A host group cannot be removed if other objects of the system refer to it. If this is the case, a warning message is shown. If no object refers to the host group, you will be asked for confirmation. Click Yes to proceed with the deletion.