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Chapter 5 Secure File Transfers

Tectia ConnectSecure provides security to existing FTP file transfers by applying the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of FTP, or by using tunnels that encrypt the connection from the FTP client to the FTP server.

Unattended, automated file transfers between servers can be secured with the versatile command-line SFTP and SCP tools that apply the SFTP protocol. On Windows, an SFTP GUI is available for interactive drag-and-drop secure file transfers.

For easy deployment, Tectia ConnectSecure provides automatic FTP-SFTP conversion and transparent FTP tunneling. In these cases, no changes to the existing FTP client applications and scripts are required, and they can remain being used as before.

The SCP and SFTP command-line tools of Tectia ConnectSecure include also enhanced file transfer functionality, such as checkpoint/restart for the transfer of very large files and streaming for high-speed file transfers. Tectia ConnectSecure includes also application programming interfaces (APIs) for SFTP file transfer programming on C and Java. The APIs can be used to develop automated file transfer applications and to integrate Tectia products smoothly to other existing systems.




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