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Backup of Configuration Files

Before you start upgrades or creating test configurations, make sure you have a backup of the Connection Broker configuration files where you have made modifications.

The user-specific Connection Broker configuration file is by default located in $HOME/.ssh2/ssh-broker-config.xml on Unix and in %APPDATA%\SSH\ssh-broker-config.xml on Windows. Each time the Connection Broker configuration file is saved, a backup (ssh-broker-config.xml.bak) of the old configuration file is stored in the same directory. In case you need to return to using the backed up file, copy it back to the original location under the original name.

During Tectia upgrades on Windows, a backup copy is automatically made of the earlier Connection Broker configuration files and stored in the user-specific directory:



<version> is the Tectia release

<date> is the date of the upgrade.