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SSH Tectia

Opening the GUI

On Windows, the SSH Tectia Connections Configuration interface can be accessed in several ways:

  • Right-click on the SSH Tectia tray icon in the Windows taskbar notification area to access the shortcut menu, and select Configuration.

  • On the Windows Start menu, select Start → Programs → SSH Tectia ConnectSecure → SSH Tectia Connections Configuration.

  • When you have the SSH Tectia ConnectSecure GUI active, click the SSH Tectia Connections Configuration tool icon in the toolbar or select Edit → SSH Tectia Connections Configuration in the menu bar.

On Windows, SSH Tectia ConnectSecure includes a separate GUI for configuring the user interface settings for the SSH Tectia terminal GUI. Open the User Interface Settings tool by clicking the icon in the toolbar of the SSH Tectia terminal GUI. For instructions on the GUI configurations, see Appendix B.


If the Connection Broker configuration is generated and controlled by SSH Tectia Manager, the GUI hides those views that contain Manager-configured settings. This protects the configuration from unauthorized local modifications.

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