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SSH Tectia

FTP Replacement

The SSH Tectia client/server solution provides several methods for getting rid of the risks of plaintext File Transfer Protocol (FTP). SSH Tectia Client and Server include a secure alternative, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) that can be used to replace existing FTP clients and servers. If replacing all FTP clients and servers in an environment is unfeasible, SSH Tectia ConnectSecure and SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS offer also transparent FTP tunneling to encrypt the FTP connection, and FTP-SFTP conversion to convert unsecured FTP traffic to use the secure SFTP protocol, instead.

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure can be installed on server hosts to secure server-to-server connections, and it can connect to any standard Secure Shell server. In addition to FTP replacement services, SSH Tectia ConnectSecure also provides enhanced file transfer (EFT) features.

The following table lists the benefits offered by each of the FTP replacement methods.

Table 3.1. Differences between FTP and secure file transfer methods

Feature FTPSFTPFTP-SFTP ConversionTransparent FTP Tunneling
Automated scripts can be usedxxxx
FTP application used unmodifiedx xx
Original FTP client running x x x
Original FTP server running x x
Configured on SSH Tectia x x x
Fallback to FTP is possible N/A x x
SFTP GUI available on Windows N/A x N/A N/A




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