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SSH Tectia

Centralized Management

SSH Tectia Manager is a separate product that offers centralized management for the SSH Tectia client/server solution. It scales the security environment effortlessly up to thousands of hosts, reducing the time and work required to deploy and maintain the security environment.

By providing a centralized repository and distribution point of security software and policy, SSH Tectia Manager enables effective security management of large environments while reducing the total cost of ownership of the environment by minimizing the amount of time and manual work required by the maintenance operations.

Centralized SSH Tectia Deployment and Upgrades

Centralized mass deployment of SSH Tectia software components and upgrades dramatically reduces the time and resources required by environment maintenance tasks and minimizes costly system downtime. Fast multi-platform deployment ensures consistency of security software running throughout the environment.

Centralized SSH Tectia Configuration Management

An intuitive administration GUI simplifies the intricacies of security configuration settings and configuration file syntax. Fast multi- platform distribution throughout the environment enables fast deployment of policy changes and minimizes service downtime. Enforced security setting consistency ensures a high level of security throughout the organization.

Centralized SSH Tectia Server Log Gathering and Viewing

Centralized SSH Tectia log gathering provides a comprehensive view into the SSH Tectia environment. Flexible filtering enables tracking of details such as unsuccessful login attempts, enabling fast reaction to anomalies and error situations.

Centralized Server Public Host Key Distribution and Server Host Certificate Management

SSH Tectia Manager provides automated centralized distribution of public host keys, removing unnecessary "host key changed" alerts, and enabling the user to distinguish real security threats. Server public host keys are now kept up-to-date throughout the entire environment and transparent authentication is ensured also for the first connection to a server.

For large and dynamic environments, the built-in certification authority functionality provides further scalability for host authentication management. Centralized deployment of PKI settings further reduces management costs also when external PKI is in use.

For more information, see SSH Tectia Manager Product Description.

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