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SSH Tectia

Upgrading Previously Installed Secure Shell Software

If you are running both SSH Tectia Client and Server on the on same machine, install the same release of each, because there are dependencies between the common components.

Check if you have some Secure Shell software, for example earlier versions of SSH Tectia products or OpenSSH server or client, running on the machine where you are planning to install the new SSH Tectia versions.

Before installing SSH Tectia Server on Unix platforms, stop any OpenSSH servers running on port 22, or change their listener port. You do not need to uninstall the OpenSSH software.

The following table shows you which SSH Tectia versions you need to uninstall before you can upgrade to SSH Tectia Client 5.3. When installing via SSH Tectia Manager, the earlier versions are removed automatically.

Table 2.3. Upgrade lines

Upgrade lines
PlatformSSH Secure Shell 2.x-3.xSSH Tectia 4.0SSH Tectia 4.1-4.xSSH Tectia 5.x
AIXremoveremoveremoveupgrade on top
HP-UXremoveremoveremoveupgrade on top
Linuxremoveremoveremoveupgrade on top
Windowsremoveremoveupgrade on topupgrade on top

The configuration file format and file locations have been changed in SSH Tectia Client 5.0. Because of that, the configuration files behave differently when upgrading from 4.x and from 5.x:

  • The 4.x configuration files are not migrated to 5.3, but the default 5.3 configuration is used. However, the connection profiles are migrated from 4.x to 5.3 on Windows platforms.

  • Earlier 5.x configuration files are migrated to 5.3 as such and automatically taken into use there.

    For SSH Tectia Client, a backup copy is automatically made of the earlier 5.x Client configuration files and stored in the user-specific directory "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\SSH\backup-<version>-<date>" (where <version> is the SSH Tectia release and <date> is the date of the upgrade).


Before starting the upgrade, make backups of all configuration files where you have made modifications.

When necessary, you can modify the configuration files by editing the XML configuration files manually with an ASCII text editor or an XML editor, or by using the SSH Tectia Configuration GUI (on Windows).

A separate document, SSH Tectia Client/Server Migration Guide, gives detailed instructions on upgrading from SSH Tectia client/server solution 4.x to 5.3, including information on migrating the configuration files.




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