SSH Tectia

Terminal Window Shortcut Menu

If you have not set the Paste on Right Mouse Click option (see Defining the Appearance), a shortcut menu appears when you click the terminal window with the right mouse button.

By default, the following menu options are available:


Copies text onto the Windows clipboard.


Pastes text from the Windows clipboard.

Paste Selection

Pastes the currently selected text into the cursor location without first copying it onto the Windows clipboard.

Select All

Selects all of the scrollback buffer.

Select Screen

Selects all text currently displayed on the screen. The rest of the scrollback buffer will not be selected.

Select None

Cancels the current selection.

Rectangular Selection

Changes the selection mode from line mode to rectangular area on the screen.


Searches for text in the scrollback buffer.

New Terminal

Opens a new terminal window.

New File Transfer

Opens a new file transfer window.

Close Window

Closes the current window.

SSH Tectia Configuration

Opens the SSH Tectia Configuration dialog.

User Interface Settings

Opens the Settings dialog.

The available options can be configured using the Customize dialog (see Customize Dialog).