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SSH Tectia 
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The following options are available:

  • -D debug_level_spec

    Debug mode. Makes sftp2 send verbose debug output. The debugging level is either a number (0-99), or a comma-separated list of assignments of the format ModulePattern=debug_level, for example *=10,sshd2=2.

  • -B batchfile

    Batch mode. Reads commands from a file instead of standard input. Since this mode is intended for scripts, sftp2 will not try to interact with the user, which means that only passwordless authentication methods will work. In batch mode, a failure to change the current working directory will cause sftp2 to abort. Other errors are ignored.

  • -S path

    Specifies the path to the ssh2 binary.

  • -h

    Prints the command syntax and exits.

  • -V

    Prints version information and exits.

  • -P port

    Specifies the port to be used.

  • -b buffer_size

    Specifies the size of the buffer.

  • -N max_requests

    Specifies the maximum number of allowed requests.

  • -c cipher

    Specifies the cipher to be used.

  • -m mac

    Specifies the MAC algorithm to be used.

  • -o ssh2-options

    Specifies options to give to ssh2. The option has the same format as a line in the configuration file. Comment lines are not accepted. Where applicable, egrep regex format is used.

  • -k dir

    Custom configuration directory where ssh2_config, hostkeys and userkeys are located.

  • user

    Specifies the username to use when connecting. (Optional)

  • host

    Specifies the host to connect to.

  • port

    Specifies the port on the host to connect to. (Optional)

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