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June 7, 2019

PrivX® Free – Access management for zero bucks and zero headaches

“The best things in life are free.” We thought that what holds true in life should hold true in IT management as well. Since digital transformation and its sister cloudification have changed the face of IT environments, we’ve developed a product that ups the ante in the access management game. Our PrivX solution enables software and IT teams all over the world and in any business to to gain lean, secure access management to critical multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

Now we are offering our solution for free. I know that you are itching to go and download and deploy our solution right away, since installing it takes about as much time as it takes to read this blog. You are certainly welcome to do so. But I encourage you to first take a moment and zero in on the main benefits of the solution you are about to own…

Zero friction

Granting, revoking and modifying privileged access isn’t all about security anymore. In the cloud, the only constant is change and the value of IT tools is measured by their ability to match the speed of cloud. Companies are now decentralized and they rotate both internal and external experts and their roles. So the real question is: Can your access management software handle the ‘joiners, movers and leavers’ process as fast as it takes to add new assets to a cloud server? With PrivX the answer is a resounding yes!

PrivX integrates with your existing identity management and directory tools (IAM/AD/LDAP) where user groups are already defined by job function. All you need to do is to create proper access roles and map them to existing user groups and access management administration is practically all automated from there on!

Zero credentials

There are all kinds of solutions for granting access to critical assets. How many of them can claim to be credentialess, though? With PrivX, you don’t grant permanent access authorization to anyone, since our solution is not based on permanent authentication credentials (such as SSH Keys) that need to be configured, managed or deleted – or their credentials vaulted and rotated. Instead, authorization is granted based on unique ephemeral certificates that are very short-lived and disappear automatically after the session is established. No self-provisioned access, no unauthorized elevation of privileges and no lateral movement inside the network!

Zero trust

The beauty of ephemeral certificates is that they adhere to the principle of zero trust, where you prioritize controlling access to assets within your network rather than just at the perimeter. Why would you trust anyone with permanent credentials to your critical IT infrastructure? They can be shared, stolen, lost – and in the right hands, even bypass your existing controls. With PrivX, access is always temporary, since every session is re-authenticated every time it is being made. When that access is terminated, the authorization is gone as well. There simply is no need to remember to revoke authorization, handle permanent access credentials or worry about their whereabouts.

All sessions are logged and recorded and they can be sent to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems like Splunk.

Zero maintenance

With our solution, there are no agents to install on the client or the server. That’s why maintenance is so easy: just update PrivX, and your secure access gateway is up-to-date as well. The only access authority is PrivX, through which all access is granted.

Discovering cloud and on-premises hosts is also easy: your Admin just configures the access roles to your environment once (using orchestration and automation tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet), and all your global multi-cloud resources (AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack) are auto-discovered.

Zero bucks

“So is it really free?”, I hear you ask. Yes! We offer PrivX for free! It’s yours to use with a smaller number of servers. When you need to scale your access game, our solution will grow right along with you.

PrivX is the perfect solution for IT teams that are looking for:

  • Modern and lean administrative access management
  • Automated, scalable alternatives to in-house jump hosts and VPNs
  • Centralized 3rd party access controls with monitoring and session recording

Learn more about PrivX:

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Simo Karkkulainen

Simo Karkkulainen has over 20 years of experience in marketing. He is responsible for Global Digital marketing, go-to-market strategies and online demand generation. Prior to joining the company in December 2017, he held senior marketing positions at Stonesoft, McAfee, Comptel and other companies.

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