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June 10, 2019

MOST Digital activates Zero Trust access for robots with PrivX

MOST Digital has selected SSH.COM’s access management solution, PrivX, to provide its developers and robots with secure access to critical customer assets.

MOST Digital applies robotics automation to business processes – from finance and human resources, to CRM and sales – helping its customers to streamline formerly manual processes.

A key requirement for its developers is the ability to securely access customer architectures, which may reside in cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid or on-premises infrastructure.

As an architecture-agnostic solution, PrivX provides MOST Digital with an advanced site-to-site gateway to customer-specific environments, provisioning access only to the required target systems. In addition to provisioning access to development environments in the MOST Digital platform, PrivX can also be used to grant single sign-on (SSO) access for robots directly into customer production environments. It applies policies to robots similarly to how they are applied to humans, by mapping access roles to machine and software identities, Active Directory accounts and user accounts.

“PrivX allows us to connect to our customer enviornments securely and efficiently. We’re now able to move away from the VPN tunnels and jump hosts we’ve historically used, and avoid the hassles these created around managing user accounts and access rights. Instead, PrivX provides us with a centralized, secure and easy-to-use means of accessing customer-specific enviornments.”

Sami Säisä, Director, Head of Strategic Development MOST Digital.

PrivX also provides MOST Digital with automated reporting and auditing capabilities that the company can use to demonstrate to customers that no unauthorized access occurred during their work.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a hassle-free tool for Zero Trust access, without the need for cumbersome ticketing systems and approval processes. By bringing together complex security, access and audit processes into a centralized console, PrivX is empowering companies like MOST Digital to focus on their core specialities.”

Sami Ahvenniemi, Chief Customer Officer at SSH.COM.

SSH.COM’s PrivX offers just-in-time role-based access controls to multi-cloud and on-premises resources in development and production environments. Access authorization is never permanent but is based on short-lived certificates that expire within a few minutes of establishing the RDP/SSH connection. PrivX is an agentless and credentialess solution that integrates with existing identity access management (IAM) and directory service (AD/LDAP) tools as well as cloud-hosted servers and applications, including auto-discovery of cloud hosts.

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