June 27, 2018

SSH.COM's PrivX offers customers more freedom of choice with scalable pricing and online purchasing options

SSH.COM's PrivX™ cloud access management offering can now be tested and purchased online. The software streamlines and accelerates the creation and management of SSH/RDP connections to the cloud, minimizes administrative work, allows instant secure access to the right host for developers and eliminates stolen credentials risk.

The best-of-breed software for lean cloud access management comes with a scalable pricing model that is suitable for different customer sizes and types. With PrivX, customers can start small and scale as their business needs grow without committing to long-term and resource-consuming IT projects.

Along with the online purchasing options, customers can also trial the product without having to download or install any software. The PrivX™ Test Drive is an online environment that offers the full user and administrator experience within a browser, and all the features and functions available in the test drive are included in the actual product.

The latest version of PrivX includes:

  • Host auto-discovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure cloud: Both users and administrators automatically stay up-to-date with all available cloud hosts from all regions
  • Single sign-on for the Kerberos network authentication protocol
  • Role-based personal account support for better authentication and identification
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) logins without passwords

Markku Rossi, Chief Technological Officer, SSH.COM, said:

"PrivX saves valuable R&D time for productive work. Speed, simplicity, and ease-of-use were key design principles behind the product, and we've received very good feedback on its usability and efficiency. The next logical step was to improve the ease of purchase, particularly for non-enterprise customers. That is why we made testing, trying and buying the product as fluid and effortless as possible for small and medium sized businesses and agile development teams. Now our customers have the power to choose their preferred method of purchase, be that online or direct."

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