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NIST Releases Secure Shell Guidelines Download the White Paper - What CISOs Need to Know About The New NIST Guidelines for Secure Shell Learn More

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FORRESTER REPORT - The Rise of IT Automation And the New Security Imperatives. Growth in M2M Processes Requires a Fresh Approach to SecurityLearn More

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David Rivard

by David Rivard

2015 - The Guardians of the Mainframe Legacy

Posted Jan 5, 2015

Another year has come and gone. For me, this is my 32nd anniversary in the IT field and the 21st in Security. Time has certainly flown by since punch cards, reel-to-reel tape, and thermal paper operator consoles. Physical security of locked Data Centers, IT cabinets, and closets and wired terminals are long in the past. No one envisioned the Internet of Everything and the…

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From SSH Communications Security February 11, 2015

SSH Communications Security Offers Access Mitigation Process to Remediate Mismanagement of Secure Shell Environments HELSINKI and WALTHAM, Mass.,Feb.…

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