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End of Support Dates

Active Products: End of support dates of released versions


VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
2.4 LTS2020 JulyTBD
2.32018 Aprilnot available
2.22018 Aprilnot available
2.12017 Julynot available
2.02017 Aprilnot available
1.52017 Aprilnot available
1.42016 Februarynot available

Universal SSH Key Manager

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
2.02019 MayTBD
1.82018 Decembernot available
1.72018 Julynot available
1.62018 Aprilnot available
1.52017 Novembernot available
1.42016 Novembernot available
1.32015 Septembernot available

Tectia Client/Server

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
6.4.12+ LTS2020 OctoberTBD
6.4.0-6.4.112017 Januarynot available
6.3 LTS2016 May2017 December

Tectia Server for IBM z/OS

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
6.62019 JuneTBD
6.52018 Junenot available
6.42017 Junenot available
6.32015 Decembernot available

Tectia Server for IBM System Z (z/linux)

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
6.42018 April2020 December
6.32016 Maynot available

*End of sale December 31st, 2018 (z/Linux to be discontinued; not to be confused with z/OS)

Discontinued products: End of support and End of Product dates

Tectia ConnectSecure

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
6.4 LTS2018 Octobernot available
6.3 LTS2016 Maynot available

Tectia MobileID (Please see

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
1.52017 Maynot available
1.42015 Octobernot available

Tectia MFT Events (Product End of Life 31 March 2015)

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
6.32015 Marchnot available
6.22013 Aprilnot available

Tectia Manager (Product End of Life 31 March 2015)

VersionEnd of SupportExtended Support
6.32015 Marchnot available
6.22013 Aprilnot available


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