Why do customers choose PrivX?

The Zero Trust just-in-time approach stands apart from traditional and newer PAMs alike, and is a great fit for agile R&D teams, MSPs, outsourcers and fast-growing companies.

Replace in-house tools or augment legacy PAM with modern cloud access

Where PrivX is used

Our PrivX customers come from many different industry segments and are of varying sizes. What is common to all of them is that they are either cloud native or well on their way to significantly utilizing cloud in the core of their business—and thus cloud security and privileged access to cloud is business-critical to them.

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How our customers use PrivX:

ICON monitor

Moving from disparate tools to unified access management

Replace in-house tools and ad hoc processes with modern access management to enhance security and improve efficiency

The problem: Companies of any size and maturity level can fall prey to poor habits that put them at risk, whether a growing company is storing keys in a spreadsheet or a mammoth company has jump hosts sprinkled throughout the enterprise. While these processes manage access to a point, they lack the intelligence to enforce rules, monitor traffic and automatically stay up to date with shifting teams.  

How PrivX solves the problem: MOST Digital, a Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) company, needed to access their clients’ work environment to automate their tasks, and they relied on jump hosts and VPN tunneling –and ad hoc processes that were difficult to manage—to do so.   

Results: MOST Digital now uses PrivX to unify access management from a single UI, stay in sync with their AD system and generate reports of traffic into their clients’ environments for traceability—resulting in greater efficiency and security. 

ICON multicloud upload

Managing dynamic cloud environments

Keep up with your dynamic cloud demands, whether building a new access management system or augmenting your legacy PAM

The problem: Many organizations must satisfy fluctuating computing and storage demand and need the elasticity that cloud offers. Streaming services surge and decline over 24-hour periods, online retailers have seasonal swings and DevOps spin up servers during sprints. For every cloud instance that is brought up or taken down, access must be managed – efficiently and to scale. 

How PrivX solves the problem: PrivX serves a stalwart telecom company that has reinvented itself for the 21st century. As the company evolved, they implemented a traditional PAM, however it’s proven too cumbersome to meet their newer needs for cloud. 

Results: Our customer turned to PrivX to meet their growing demands for cloud access. As new hosts are added, PrivX automatically discovers and on-boards them – and off-boards them when no longer needed – while providing oversight from a single UI. 

 PrivX is helping this traditional company stay current, and secure, in today’s cloud environment.

ICON 3rd party

Controlling access for 3rd parties and consultants

Monitor and control your outsourced teams’ access into your environment with 360o visibility and time-saving automation

The problem: In today’s complex business world, many companies rely on 3rd parties to handle tasks outside their expertise. Service providers such as help-desk vendors and design integrators often need access to the company’s IT and intellectual property.  

How PrivX solves the problem: One of our customers, an international mining equipment company, needed their vendors to retrieve CAD drawings – their most precious IP – from their production environment. Admins were burdened with manually granting permission while lacking the tools to track access.  

Results: The company now uses PrivX to automatically grant and revoke access by syncing with their ID management system—which they use to on-board and off-board vendors as needed. PrivX also time-restricts access according to the task at hand, and monitors external traffic for auditing. The end result is a more secure environment where IT can focus more time on productive work. 

No matter your environment, PrivX puts you in control and increases your security by enabling you to:

  • ICON Jump host

    Monitor access traffic with configurable recorded sessions to support audits and forensics. Integrate with SIEMs and cloud log collectors to manage alerts and track events. In instances where multiple users login to shared accounts, PrivX tracks individual actions for post-event forensics.

  • ICON businesspeople

    Provision temporary access for your internal or extended team with time-based restrictions. PrivX additionally grants ephemeral, certificate-based authentication that eliminates credentials while retaining security with proven PKI technology. Users save time by logging into PrivX via their browser using SSO/MFA. They can then access only their hosts in one click.

  • ICON 3rd party

    Automatically map identities and roles from directory services into PrivX. PrivX integrates with ID management directory services including Microsoft AD, LDAP, AWS Cognito, Azure AD, Google Cloud Platform and OpenID Connect. When you set up PrivX, you define the target hosts that different roles, e.g., quality engineer, developer, sysadmin, etc., can access. Changes in your directory are auto-synced to PrivX, so there’s no separate privileged user directory to manage.

  • ICON cloud rain

    Manage access to multi-cloud, VPC, on-prem and hybrid environments. PrivX admins have control over access to all their on-premises and global cloud assets in one view. PrivX auto-discovers new hosts as you scale your server estate and auto-provisions access according to roles and rules. We make the cost of secure, compliant privileged access predictable as you scale up or down with pricing per host.

  • ICON checklist

    Automate rules enforcement. Groups and roles that you set in AD and other identity management and IAM tools are automatically carried through to PrivX. As particular user types are assigned certain privileges, these roles are automatically reflected in PrivX. Rules can be leveraged from standard ID management systems or in-house tools via APIs to customize your interface with PrivX. For instance, a help desk service provider using “responsibility definitions” in their duty sets are translated into PrivX privilege levels after integrating through Open APIs.

“PrivX makes life easier.”

IT manager at large industrial equipment company, who uses PrivX to eliminate manual access requests from third-party vendors accessing their CAD drawings - their critical IP.